Bespoke Property Services

Lornham offers specialised and bespoke property services in London. Helping take the pressure away from your daily living. As a result of this, with our experience, we will be able to handle everything property related to you.

Our trusted Property Management Service is tailored for landlords who require an award-winning and experienced team to manage their property.

We manage individual flats and portfolios for investors covering a wide area across London. The aim is to maximise the yield by sourcing tenants of the highest calibre whilst ensuring that all maintenance is carried out.

Lornham provides a highly personalised block management service through an experienced team based in our office in Central London.

London offers a wide variety of property and we appreciate that each block is unique. Therefore we assign a dedicated property manager for each building who manages the block according to an agreed mandate. This ensures that we deliver high quality and efficient service ensuring that issues are dealt with in a responsive and professional manner.

In addition to managing traditional buildings, we have become renowned for assisting property developers with new developments. This service ensures that the development is ready for occupation on the day of completion.

Lornham even offers bespoke property services for clients who either live abroad or don’t have the time to run their homes. In short, we provide homeowners with peace of mind for their property.

Whether you are looking to carry out an internal or external refurbishment, however small or large, our project management service can take you from inception to completion.

Lastly, we acquire residential property both for owner-occupation and investment in Prime Central London. Our service is tailor-made for each client and this is an overview of what we do in order to take the client through the individual steps of acquiring a property in the UK.


What is Included in Our Bespoke Property Services

Life is so much easier when you only have to deal with one company. Luckily, Lornham does all of it. With our bespoke property services, we will always value and let out your property to the highest calibre of tenants. This is because it is always important to have trust in the tenants living in one of your properties.

Helping take away the worry that comes with letting out your property. We will take care of the boring side of things which include negotiating tenant agreements and getting you the best deal possible. No need to fear, we carry out reference checks on all tenants.

Lornham will coordinate any repairs or maintenance on any property where applicable. Due to our long service within this industry, we can find you the best deals with our trusted suppliers and contractors.

Before allowing tenants into the house we will always ensure that the property insurance is all up and running. Don’t worry, we know exactly where to find this.

As everyone knows, all tenant agreements will eventually come to an end. That is why we will continue to handle the tenant takeover. Making sure your property is occupied within a short matter of time. Helping you maintain a regular income from the properties.

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