Project Management

Whether you are looking to carry out an internal or external refurbishment, however small or large, our project management service can take you from inception to completion.

There are a number of issues to consider which are itemised below and we can take you through each step.


  • Scope of Works – We will work with you to understand what works you want to carry out so we can help you to set a realistic budget and brief the surveyor to draw up a suitable specification of works.
  • Budget – Agree to what your budget is and to what specification you want the project delivered to.
  • Measured Survey – Instruct a surveyor to draw up a measured survey and electrical plan so kitchen & bathroom planners can be briefed.
  • Interior Designer – Do you need an interior designer to help on the creative side?
  • Licence to Alter – Does your Freeholder / Superior Landlord require you apply for a licence to carry out works? We can coordinate with the managing agent and their advisors (structural & acoustic engineers, lawyers & surveyors).
  • Planning – Do your works require planning? If so we can co-ordinate with your architect / surveyor to obtain this.
  • Specification of Works – Brief the surveyor to draw up a complete specification of works so contractors are clear exactly as to what is expected of them.
  • Obtaining Tenders – Once we have a specification we will put your works out to tender to obtain competitive quotes and then provide you with a tender analysis report.
  • Other Professionals – Large projects normally involve a large team of professionals and third parties and our role is to co-ordinate and make sure they are all working together. e.g. managing agent, solicitor, surveyor, architect, structural / acoustic / plant surveyors, interior designer, contractors, council etc.)
  • Building Control– Ensure that the scope of works is compliant with Building Regulations and that this is maintained for the duration of the project. This will lead to either appointing the district Surveyor (at the Council) or an independent building surveyor.
  • Constructions Design & Management (CDM) – Ensure the project is compliant with health & safety regulations.
  • Legal – Aside from Lornham’ s contract with you as client, we usually advise clients to use a “JCT – Minor Works” contract (RICS approved) on instructing the contractor so you have the best legal protection.
  • Asbestos Survey – Obtain an asbestos survey (if required pre-works).


During Works

  • Oversight of Contractors – Check and ensure contractors are carrying out works as per contract and your wishes.
  • Variations – Invariably there will be changes and amendments to the specification of works drafted so our role is to agree with you any changes and negotiate any cost implications with the contractor.
  • Liaising with Neighbours & other Third Parties – As indicated above, there are normally a number of people involved in each project and one of the more difficult areas can be managing your neighbour’s and their expectations.
  • Regular Inspections & Reports – We will provide you with regular reports and a photo schedule so you are kept up to speed on what’s happening with your project.
  • Financial Control – We will oversee and agree with you every item of expenditure and agree with you any variations.


Post Works (Practical Completion)

  • Snagging – Post Practical Completion, contractors will usually have up to 6 months to complete any outstanding snagging before any monies held on retention can be released which we will oversee.
  • Design – Does the flat need to be furnished? Do you need the garden to be dressed? Can we / interior designer help you with soft furnishings, furniture and window coverings (curtains, blinds etc.).
  • Building Control – Ensure you have the correct sign off from Building Control.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts – Set up any maintenance contracts for plant e.g. heating and hot water systems.
  • Utilities – Ensure these are set up in your name and bills are sent to the correct address.
  • Warranties – Ensure any relevant warranties are set up and in your name.
  • Certification – Make sure you have all the correct certificates e.g. gas, electrical etc.
  • Handbooks – Set up a guide / handbook so you have all relevant information to hand e.g. Wi-Fi, alarm codes etc.
  • Finance – Provide you with a completion statement so you have a full account of exactly where your money has been spent.
  • Operating and Maintenance Manual (O & M File) – Put all information relevant to the project in one file e.g. warranties, contractor details, appliance make and model numbers, paint colours



If you would like to hear more about how we can help you with your project then please contact Rupert Wertheimer.

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