Block Management Mayfair

Lornham provides a reputable service when it comes to Block Management Mayfair. With a highly experienced team based in Central London. As we continue to work on various projects, we understand the importance of making each and every block unique. Therefore, we will never run either block the same as it will require different services and projects. With every block management, we will always assign a property manager for each building so they can manage each block accordingly. Because of this, it allows them to focus their time solely on individual block management. As a result of this, it allows them to complete any projects or services at a higher standard. Whilst being able to deal with any issues that arise, in a professional and responsive manner.


Although our main focus is on helping manage traditional buildings, this is not just what we do. We also can provide assistance for property developers by providing advice on new developments. This service ensures that the development is always ready on the day of completion.


Acquiring a block in London for the first time can become very daunting. That is why Lornham offers Block Management Mayfair services. Helping ease the pressure whilst providing a unique service. Managing blocks compared to separate houses are very different, block management requires much more. Luckily, our team have a good depth of knowledge and is one of the most experienced teams around Mayfair.


There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to London block management. However, by using our service you won’t have to stress about figuring out the steps. This is because we do it all for you. As we take control of the upkeep services and general maintenance, even gardening. Throughout our service, we will always provide support and advice on future steps and procedures. As our way of keeping you in the loop and ensuring you are comfortable with the service that we are providing. We can guarantee that your block will be in great hands with our specialist property managers. All property managers have previously worked on numerous properties. Helping gain the relevant experience and expertise required to run a block.


If you are unaware of what is included within block management, then we have detailed this below.


What To Expect From Block Management Mayfair


Understanding block management can be complicating and overwhelming. So we have listed the key areas of our service.


  • Setting annual budgets for our clients.
  • Arrears chasing from any delayed service charges.
  • Having an oversight on minor works.
  • Reviewing Health & Safety measures.
  • Processing common finances such as invoices.
  • Dealing with annual maintenance contracts.
  • Making sure all relevant insurances are in place such as building insurance.
  • General advice on all lease requirements.
  • Ensuring lessees are compliant.
  • Overlooking of on-site staff and contractors where applicable.
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Section 20 on any major works programme.

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