Building Concierge Services

Lornham provides building concierge services for clients who either live abroad or don’t have the time to run their home. In short, we provide homeowners with peace of mind for their property.


Our concierge property services include the following:


Key Holding

Lornham will keep hold of the keys for you so that you don’t lose them whilst you are away. With our professional team keeping them safe. Perfect if you want us to manage your property for you in regards to renting it out to tenants.


Regular Property Inspections & Reports

Here at Lornham, we understand the importance of keeping our clients up-to-date with regards to their property. Therefore, we will always provide regular reports and inspections. This is because we will always want to ensure the property is well maintained.


Management of Domestic Staff

Part of our service is managing the domestic staff to ensure the property is always tidy for yourself or your tenants. Keeping it clean and fresh so you have nothing to worry about when you return home.


Sourcing and Overseeing Contractors

If any works need to take place on the property then we have trusted suppliers and contractors that can get the work done with immediate effect. This is always helpful as it saves time and adds to our efficient service.


Dealing with Emergencies

If there is ever an emergency at the property then Lornham will be first hand. This makes us the ideal choice for your concierge service as it allows us to control the situation at hand. It also allows us to deal with it effectively and efficiently.


Review & Manage Maintenance Agreements

This is one of the most important parts of our service. This is because we always want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your maintenance agreements.


Arrange Airport Pick up/ Drop off

Going on holiday or away for work and need to arrange airport transfer? Not to worry, Lornham will handle this in hand so you can save time relaxing. Whilst knowing it has already been organised for you.


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