Project Management Consultant

Whether you are looking to carry out an internal or external refurbishment, however small or large, our project management consultant can take you from inception to completion.

There are a number of issues to consider with project management. As a result of this, we will list the details of our services below:


What Our Project Management Consultant Can Do For You

When it comes to the scope of our works. Our project management consultant will work with you to understand/ carry out a realistic budget. This will help us brief the surveyor to draw up a suitable specification of the works. We will always agree on a budget before carrying out any work. However, we will discuss what specification you want the project delivered to.


Once the budget has been agreed we will carry out the work. This begins with us instructing the surveyor to draw up a measured survey and electrical plan. Because of this, it allows us to brief the kitchen and bathroom planners. Do you need an interior designer to help on the creative side?


If your Freeholder/ Superior Landlord require for you to apply for a license to carry out works. Then we are able to coordinate with the managing agent and their advisors. As we want to take the pressure off you. This also goes for planning. If your project requires planning then we can coordinate with the architect and surveyors to obtain this.


We will always brief the surveyor to draw up a complete specification of the works. This is because it makes it clear for the contractors and they will know what is expected of them.


Lornham appreciates that this is a lot of information to take in. This is why we recommend getting in touch to speak with one of our project consultants. This is because it helps us explain the service more in-depth and add a more bespoke service.

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