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Lornham will overlook all of the properties within your real estate. Even if you only have one property that needs managing, we can still take care of this. Therefore, no matter how big the portfolio of your properties. Our home management group will always take care of all our clients the same. In a professional and efficient manner. Within our portfolio, we have a wide range of clients and handle all sized properties. Lornham always likes to treat its clients individually. This is because we want to tailor our property management service to clients preferences. We are pleased to announce that your property will be managed by our award-winning and highly experienced team.


Managing your own property can be sometimes difficult and a very stressful job. That is why Lornham will like to reduce your stress levels and give you a break. Allowing you to focus on more leisure time and going out to enjoy yourself across London. Also, this service is perfect for international travellers as they may not be within the area. Therefore, we will be able to act fast to any issues that arise when you are out of the country. Keeping on top of the maintenance can be overwhelming so we will also take care of this so you don’t have to. Our property management service also extends over to those living across seas. For those wanting to invest in property in the London area. Luckily, Lornham have you covered as we know the best areas in town and the value of properties.


What is included in Home Management


Life is so much easier when you only have to deal with one company. Luckily, Lornham does all of it. We will always value and let out your property to the highest calibre of tenants. This is because it is always important to have trust in the tenants living in one of your properties. Helping take away the worry that comes with letting out your property. We will take care of the boring side of things which include negotiating tenant agreements and getting you the best deal possible. No need to fear, we carry out reference checks on all tenants. Lornham will co-ordinate any repairs or maintenance on any property where applicable. Due to our long service within this industry, we can find you the best deals with our trusted suppliers and contractors.


Before allowing tenants into the house we will always ensure that the property insurance is all up and running. Don’t worry, we know exactly where to find this.


If you are letting out your property for the first time. It can be overwhelming and scary. Trying to understand what needs to be completed before getting tenants into the property. Lornham knows exactly how to manage properties, as we have been for many years. We carry out regular property inspections as part of our high standard service. Making sure tenants treat the property with respect. It is important for you to understand the financial side of letting out a property. Because of this, we will provide you with regular financial reports on all your properties.


As everyone knows, all tenant agreements will eventually come to an end. That is why we will continue to handle the tenant takeover. Making sure your property is occupied within a short matter of time. Helping you maintain a regular income from the properties.


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