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Lornham will oversee all residential properties within your real estate. Or the ones that have been assigned to us. Our current clientele means that we are handling all sized properties. Ranging from apartments, flats and houses. Our property management service is always tailored to the landlords. Using our award-winning and experienced team to help manage the property.


Here at Lornham, we understand the difficulty that comes with searching for the right property management services. That is why we want to ensure that you have come to the right place. Our portfolio for investors covers a wide area across London. We will always ensure that the maintenance is carried out on the properties to the highest standard. We will always take you through the minor details so that you are completely aware of what our services have to offer. Here, we will discuss what needs to be done and how we can perform this to the highest standard.


What Our Services Include


Letting out a residential property can also be scary for those wanting to ensure their property remains intact. That is why we put that worry to rest with our regular property inspections. We will always ensure the best care when looking after your property, whilst enforcing this onto the tenants. You will want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth within the property. Because of this, we will provide you with regular financial reports to find out what money has been spent and where.


We will always take the boring services off your hands which include valuing and letting the property out to trustworthy and appropriate tenants. Because of this we will also negotiate tenant agreements and do reference checks on all tenants to ensure you get the highest calibre. The issues that come with property management can be overwhelming, that is why we will always co-ordinate repairs and maintenance so you don’t have to. With our length of experience within this industry, we are able to find the best prices that come with the best quality. It is vital that property insurance is taken out on all those wanting us to manage their properties. That is why we will arrange this on your behalf as our specialist service includes getting you the best possible insurance.


At the end of the tenant agreement, it can become stressful. This is because of the tenant handover. Not to worry, we will always set up new tenants and manage the handover directly so you don’t have to.


Now you can finally stop searching for property management in London. What a relief!


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